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Hi there, I'm Caylee Curtis. After going through orthodontic therapy during childhood, I started paying close attention how a nice smile can increase beauty. With appearance improvements, comes a huge confidence boost that can also bolster your looks. Upon making that discovery, I started researching all of the different ways people can create a gorgeous smile. As it turns out, dentists play a huge role creating a gorgeous smile by fixing tooth and jaw alignment issues. Dentists may recommend that their patients obtain braces, retainers or veneers that improve tooth placement or color. I will use this site to share information about these procedures and more. I hope to help you decide if these procedures are worth your time and money or if you should find a different option for your situation. Please visit often and check out my content to learn more information.

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Being Prepared To Have A Dental Crown Placed

If your dentist is suggesting that you need to receive a dental crown, it can be a serious matter as the tooth may be at risk of being lost without this protective covering. For this reason, you may want to avoid delaying having the dental crown applied to your tooth.

There Are Many Types Of Tooth Damage That Can Be Treated With Dental Crowns

A crown can be used for a variety of different types of tooth damage. For example, a crown can be used to reinforce and protect a tooth that has been cracked or broken. However, it can also be used in conjunction with other types of treatments, such as a root canal. The versatility of a crown can make it a procedure that many patients will eventually need to undergo in order to protect their teeth.

A Crown Failure Should Be Treated As A Dental Emergency

Crowns are designed to be durable covers that are firmly secured to the exterior of the tooth that is being protected. Unfortunately, it is possible for a crown to fail, and this could leave the tooth extremely vulnerable to suffering further damage or problems. Due to this risk, a patient should be prepared to treat a dental crown failure as an emergency situation that needs to be treated immediately. Otherwise, their tooth could be exposed to a much higher risk of suffering damage and other issues as a result of it missing the protection that the crown had been providing.

A Temporary Crown Can Be Applied To Protect The Tooth

Whether the crown is being placed for the first time or you are needing an emergency replacement for a damaged crown, it will take time for the crown to be ready to be placed on the tooth. For this reason, it is common for patients to be outfitted with temporary crowns that will be able to protect the tooth during this period when the permanent crown is still being prepared. A temporary crown will offer effective protection, but it will still be necessary for a patient to be mindful to avoid damaging the temporary crown. In particular, a person may want to limit themselves to eating soft foods for as long as they have a temporary crown in place. This can reduce the risk of the crown being damaged or loosened as a result of the patient needing to bite or chew extremely hard or tough foods.

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