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Hi there, I'm Caylee Curtis. After going through orthodontic therapy during childhood, I started paying close attention how a nice smile can increase beauty. With appearance improvements, comes a huge confidence boost that can also bolster your looks. Upon making that discovery, I started researching all of the different ways people can create a gorgeous smile. As it turns out, dentists play a huge role creating a gorgeous smile by fixing tooth and jaw alignment issues. Dentists may recommend that their patients obtain braces, retainers or veneers that improve tooth placement or color. I will use this site to share information about these procedures and more. I hope to help you decide if these procedures are worth your time and money or if you should find a different option for your situation. Please visit often and check out my content to learn more information.

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5 Ways To Treat Your Toothache

Toothaches can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as inflammation, abscesses, or even lodged food between your gums. If you're experiencing a toothache, you can try treating it yourself with these 5 methods.

Clove Oil

Clove oil can usually be found at your local grocery store in the aisle with all the spices, but can also be found in dental emergency kits as well due to its ability to soothe toothaches. All you need to do is apply a few drops of the oil onto a cotton ball, then apply it directly to the tooth that is causing you pain. Allow it to sit there for approximately 30 seconds before removing the cotton ball.

If you are unable to find some clove oil, another option is ground clove. Apply it in the same way to a cotton ball, then rest it against the tooth.

Salt Rinse

A common recommendation by dentists is to swish with a salt-water rinse when dealing with an abscess or trauma. The salt will help reduce any pain, swelling, and inflammation that you are experiencing.

You can make a homemade rinse by combining the following ingredients:

  • Sea salt – 1 tsp.
  • Water – 1 cup

Swish the salt-water rinse for approximately 30 seconds, then spit it out. You can repeat this treatment several times during the day as needed to treat pain.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can actually help reduce pain and kill bacteria in your mouth. It is as simple as swishing a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (3%) for approximately 30 seconds. Spit it out, and then rinse out your mouth using water several times until you feel like the hydrogen peroxide is completely gone. You can repeat this treatment 2 to 3 times a day.

Remember that hydrogen peroxide is not safe to swallow, so be extra careful when using it as a rinse, and do not allow a child to attempt this treatment.


When you have a filling that has fallen out, which has exposed your tooth and is causing you pain, you can temporarily cover the hole with some chewing gum. Just use gum that is sugar free, chew it up, and place a small amount in the crack to cover it. This will help you get by until you can visit a dentist to fix the filling.


You can always use ice to help relieve the pain of an affected tooth. Wrap some ice in a cloth, and let it rest against your face for 15 to 20 minutes. You can repeat this treatment several times during the day.

For toothache pain that is unbearable, seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.