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Hi there, I'm Caylee Curtis. After going through orthodontic therapy during childhood, I started paying close attention how a nice smile can increase beauty. With appearance improvements, comes a huge confidence boost that can also bolster your looks. Upon making that discovery, I started researching all of the different ways people can create a gorgeous smile. As it turns out, dentists play a huge role creating a gorgeous smile by fixing tooth and jaw alignment issues. Dentists may recommend that their patients obtain braces, retainers or veneers that improve tooth placement or color. I will use this site to share information about these procedures and more. I hope to help you decide if these procedures are worth your time and money or if you should find a different option for your situation. Please visit often and check out my content to learn more information.

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Reasons For Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be quite uncomfortable. However, before it can be treated, the reason for the pain must be identified.  Here are a few reasons why tooth pain occurs. Enamel Erosion or Thinning The outermost layer of the tooth material is the enamel. Although hard, the enamel can wear away over time, exposing the dentin.  The tubules in the dentin house the dental nerves. Thus, once the dentin is exposed, the nerves become more accessible, increasing the sensitivity of the tooth. Read More 

Two Of The Most Common Questions For People New To Dental Implants

It's possible that you will have a missing tooth at some point in your life. It may be due to trauma, such as an accident or sports-related injury, or due to old age and having poor oral hygiene. In either situation, you'll be sure to have questions about the dental implant procedure and you may think it is a good fit for replacing your missing tooth. Here are the answers to two common questions. Read More 

4 Tips For Your Family’s Dental Health

Dentists can make a world of difference in your life when you visit them on a regular basis and get help. You should find a dentist you can trust and pass those benefits on to your whole family. It means that you should look for a dentist who is good with kids while also making sure you are getting the care that you need.  Here are some important tips to help you. Read More 

When Is A Tooth Extraction Necessary?

A tooth extraction is never fun, but unfortunately it is necessary in some cases. Your dentist will work hard to save a tooth by way of a root canal and crown. However, there are some other instances in which teeth need to be extracted. Here are some times when your dentist may need to extract one or more teeth: Major Decay When a tooth is decayed beyond repair, your dentist will likely need to remove it to avoid pain and damage to the surrounding teeth. Read More 

Bring Your Child’s Bruxism To A Grinding Halt

The tendency to grind one's teeth at night is referred to by dental experts as bruxism. In most cases, this unconscious habit doesn't necessarily lead to damaged teeth. Dental development in children can mean an increase in teeth-grinding, so read on to find out more about this troubling but relatively harmless habit. Signs of Bruxism in Children When you think about teeth-grinding in an adult, you imagine the clicking or popping noises that can be heard by others. Read More